Relevate Pricing Increase (Effective September 1st)

Dearest Relevate Client,

Thank you for being a loyal and committed Relevate client for the last 3 years! Your presence at Relevate means so much to me, and it is always my top priority to offer you an outstanding class experience, fun studio events and challenges, and a safe, encouraging, FUN place for you to move, breathe, BE yourself, and be in community. From my heart to yours, you are SO loved, and I am eternally grateful that your presence and support allows me to pursue my passion of teaching movement and building community.

As of September 1, 2019, our Barre & Pilates pricing will be increasing to reflect the value of our current services, the rising costs of doing business, and to allow for expansion of our studio offerings, new equipment, bringing on additional instructors, and more fun events! As shown below, the pricing increases will affect drop-in class rates, class packages, Pilates Private session, and NEW Memberships as of 9/1. Current Barre & Platinum Members will enjoy their current rate through the end of 2019, and the pricing increase will take effect during the January 2020 billing cycle. Please note that if you decide to terminate your Membership in 2019 but decide to re-enroll at a later date, your Membership rate will be the new rate listed.

2019 Pricing Increase (8.5x11).png

With Fall rapidly approaching (whether we like it or not!) and a Fall Studio Challenge on the horizon, it’s the PERFECT time to stock up on class packages at the lower rate, or to become a Member and lock in the lower monthly pricing for the rest of 2019!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out - I’m here for you. Thank you for being a valued Relevate client - here's to another 3 (and many more) years of shaking, quaking, and moving together!

So much love,