The Relevate Difference

Relevate is more than just a workout: it is an empowering, uplifting experience that leaves you feeling inspired, supported, and part of an amazing community. It is our intention and priority to create an unforgettable experience every time, with the following in mind:

inclusive, welcoming community

Whether you are a new or returning client, you are Relevate family. We love learning about YOU: your story, your goals, and whether you’re working with any injuries so you feel taken care of with exercise modifications. At Relevate, we know your name and always make sure to cheer you on in class! It is our intention to create a safe space for individuals to move, breathe, show up exactly as they are, and clients can trust that they will be seen, loved, and supported unconditionally.


personalized attention

Every class, you will sweat and be challenged, but always with proper form and alignment in mind. Small class sizes ensure that you receive encouragement and personalized attention through hands-on adjustments. Clients working with injuries have a wide array of options to modify an exercise to make the workout their own. It is important to us that you receive the workout you need, every time.


celebration of the body

At Relevate, we celebrate ALL body shapes, sizes, and colors. We focus on celebrating what your body CAN do rather than what it cannot (yet) do. You will not hear us talk about weight loss, losing inches, or suffering to get that perfect “bikini body”. We do not believe in using movement as punishment; rather, moving and breathing together is life-giving, soul-nourishing, and a JOY that is an absolute privilege.


Practicing Self-Love

The magic of Relevate is rooted in our uplifting and compassionate self-love philosophy – you are encouraged to listen to the wisdom of your body, to take the offered modifications as needed, and to dial in your effort based on your energy at that moment. We explore how to be more self-compassionate with where we are in our present experience, all while learning to build more trust and confidence in ourselves.


Making Movement PLAYFUL

While you’ll hear a few groans during challenging poses, Relevate is all about connection, play, laughter, and joyful movement. While learning new exercise variations can be challenging for the body AND mind, we take a more playful approach that invites you to learn with an open, curious mind as opposed to a self-critical, perfectionist-oriented one. And ask any client, we love a good laugh during class - it’s bonus core work!

Come experience the relevate difference for yourself!