Transformational Nutrition Coaching Testimonials

We asked some of our nutrition clients about their experience with
Transformational Nutrition Coaching, and this is what they had to say:

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I met Shannon through Relevate barre classes. While exploring the Relevate website, I read and related to her health/nutrition/career story. Since we had similar career paths, I knew she would be able to relate to me and “speak in my language”. During the initial consult, I verified that Shannon takes her work seriously, and I could trust her to help me reach my health and nutrition goals, especially with regard to emotional eating. After doing the 12-week Transformational Nutrition Coaching Program, I am less bloated and have lost weight weight. I also learned which foods make me feel unwell (stomach aches). However, my biggest transformation was with regard to emotional eating. Through TN Coaching, I learned to pay attention to my emotions, to eat mindfully, and how I can choose other strategies to address my stress/emotions. While maintaining healthy habits will be life-long work, it is an enjoyable journey that makes me feel proud of myself.

I would definitely recommend Shannon’s TN Coaching. She not only teaches sustainable healthy eating habits, but her coaching also addresses an underlying factor that other nutrition programs don’t - emotional eating. Shannon teaches tools to heal one’s relationship with food, and offers alternatives to unhealthy coping mechanisms that are used in response to stress and trauma. Shannon also explains “the why” of every suggestion/observation she makes, which is educational and contributes to the sustainability of the practices she teaches. Shannon is awesome - she helped me tremendously and for the rest of my life!!

Testimonial (Meredith).png
“I came to Shannon when I was ready to admit that I needed to lose weight and eat healthier, even though I didn’t have specific health complaints at the time. My family history suggested that I could become diabetic or pre-diabetic by my fifties if I didn’t get my eating habits and life on track. I was also going through huge changes in my life - including moving away from my boyfriend, friends, and the life I created for myself to start a new job. Needless to say, I was terrified! I decided: Why not just jump in head first and change everything? I have never been more happy with a decision in my life. Shannon cared about how I was doing with every aspect of my life, not just my nutrition. She helped me see firsthand that the changes to my diet and lifestyle were totally possible to implement. She has honestly transformed my life. People always ask me “Have you lost weight? How much have you lost?” Honestly, I did this for more than just weight loss. Through working with Shannon, I sleep better, I feel more energized, I now speak up for myself, and I take time to eat lunch every day (this may sound trivial, but it was something I never made time for). Most importantly, Shannon taught me how to take care of myself and to listen to my body. Working with Shannon has been absolutely life-saving. Would I do it again? YES - no questions asked!”

Testimonial (Michele).png
“I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in both hips and lower back. The diagnosis was a wake up call for me. I wanted to change my diet to incorporate healthier food, with the hope that I would eventually be able to cut back on the medications. But I had NO idea how to do so, or where to start. Shannon is enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and very easy and fun to work with. Her coaching program is flexible and thorough. I’ve lost 5 pounds, which was my goal. I have WAY more energy, am sleeping better, and have more focus because I’m not so worn out all the time. I have my self-confidence back and literally feel like a different person. And something totally unexpected: I discovered I love cooking!”

Testimonial (Daniela).png
“Last year I had a lot of panic attacks. Fear became a daily struggle, and something had to change. Being coached by Shannon had a huge impact on my life. I appreciate that I could decide what we were focusing on during the coaching sessions. Shannon’s love, passion, and energy are magic. After struggling with fear and panic on daily basis, I’ve now found my inner peace, have more energy, and feel more confident in my body, mind, and soul. When I feel panic arise, I now use the tools Shannon taught me, and now have more faith and trust in myself. My mind, body, and soul are connected more than they’ve ever been. If you’re thinking about working with Shannon, get ready for an unforgettable experience to discover your mind, body, and soul. Shannon is the perfect mentor and companion to go on this journey with you.”

Testimonial (Bonnie).png
“I joined Shannon’s “14 Day SuperYOU Jumpstart” program because I was having trouble losing weight. I knew that I had a pretty clear sugar addiction, but I also sensed that I had issues with gluten and dairy too. When I started the program, I had lost hope for losing weight ... my head was stuck, as were my emotions, so it took a multi-level approach to give me that hope and build confidence again. Slowly but surely, day by day, I felt a letting go, uncovering, accepting, enjoying myself with the pleasure that comes from eating high quality foods. I let go of 7 pounds during the two weeks, and then another pound the following week. The toughest part of the two weeks for me was the identification of my emotional eating. Though I had been aware of this for years, to actually talk about it, look at it, realize that I am not hopeless, and that I am allowed to let go of many old emotional habits I built over decades...whew! The program materials are top-notch, and Shannon gives you her bright, enthusiastic, brilliant, kind and loving encouragement throughout the program. She was readily available to me when I had questions, and had great solutions-oriented answers.”