Reiki Energy Healing Testimonials

We asked some of our clients about their experience with
our Reiki Energy Healing sessions, and this is what they had to say:

♡ ♡ ♡

Testimonial (Daniela).png
“My Reiki sessions with Shannon were a magical experience. She guided me on a journey to connect deeper with my soul, and to find my balance and my happy place again. The whole session - from choosing a card, the laying on of hands, feeling the crystals in my hands, the essential oil aromatherapy, and being surrounded by beautiful sounds - it was harmonious in every way and I loved it. I felt so safe and supported, and could let go and completely trust the process. During the session a lot of emotions and spirit animal visions rose up, and my body experienced tension, then relaxation and release - a journey which I’ll never forget. It was amazing to share my thoughts and feelings with Shannon after the session, as this helped me integrate and understand my experience. What a wonderful experience - I learned so much about what my soul is seeking. Thank you Shannon, for creating such a safe and unique space to allow oneself to let go and listen to the voice within. Thank you for sharing your love and compassion - YOU are a light in this world!”

Testimonial (Tara).png
My one-on-one Reiki session with Shannon was an immensely positive and restorative experience. Shannon truly embodies a natural healer. Immediately, I could feel Shannon’s positive energy and was drawn to her bright light. The session was extremely calming for me and I felt relaxed and at ease. Afterwards, Shannon was beyond generous with her time while discussing and reflecting upon the session with me. This experience brought me clarity and peace, while also helping me reconnect and feel more grounded.

Testimonial (Jennifer).png
I loved my session with Shannon! It was my first time with Reiki, so I was not sure what to expect but Shannon explained everything really well and the whole experience was wonderful. I felt very relaxed and might have even fallen asleep. And the best part was afterward, Shannon described to me different things that she had seen/felt and her thoughts and impressions helped me to clarify a few things I had been thinking about in my life. I enjoyed this session and will definitely be back for more!

“Shannon, thank you for welcoming me into your space. My Reiki session with you was everything I needed and more! You definitely created a space that allowed me to feel open to receive the Reiki energy healing. I experienced several moments of “release” throughout our session that was therapeutic, and times where areas of my body felt particularly charged, especially my hands. I enjoyed the whole process from the time I chose a card, to the laying on of hands, and the sounds and aromatherapy throughout. It was great to end with you sharing your thoughts—it was validating and comforting. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. I look forward to another Reiki session with you!

Testimonial (Sara).png
My Distance Reiki and Intuitive Reading session with Shannon was exactly what I needed to calm my mind and connect with my Spirit. Even though I’m on the other side of the world (Japan), I felt the healing energy so strongly throughout the entire session. I walked away feeling significantly looser and more open in my body, particularly in my hips, where I’ve been holding a lot of stress. But even more importantly, I walked away with both comfort and clarity on several important life decisions I’ve been weighing in my mind. I also took away solid, actionable ideas on what I can do to continue connecting to myself to make sure those decisions come from the best possible place. Anyone who’s met Shannon knows that she just radiates love, and that came through in the session - I felt completely safe and supported and surrounded by love. I spent the rest of the day on cloud nine! I cannot recommend Shannon’s services highly enough, and I can’t wait for our next session!

Testimonial (Nikita).png
My Reiki session with Shannon helped me realize what I really needed to focus on - in other words, what I had been feeling under the surface but never devoted the time to heal and address. During the session, I felt extremely safe and enjoyed the entire process - the Reiki, aromatherapy, picking cards and sound therapy were so calming, relaxing, and rewarding. After the session, I shared my thoughts and feelings with Shannon and it was so beautiful that we had similar visions! I am SO grateful for this Reiki session with Shannon ♥️.

Testimonial (Caroline).png
My Reiki session with Shannon was a wonderful experience and just what I needed to calm my mind and body. Shannon made the space so comfortable and peaceful and she explained everything to me before we got started, as it was my first time having Reiki. I have been taking Barre classes from Shannon for years, and was so happy to find out that she was offering Reiki because I knew she would make it a great experience. Shannon is extremely intuitive and radiates such a warm, positive energy - she’s a natural healer. During my session, I felt immense relaxation and stress-relief, which remained with me for days after. I also felt a sense of clarity and guidance on a couple of matters in my life. I left the session feeling totally recharged and with a renewed spiritual connection. Thank you Shannon for sharing Reiki with me! I will definitely be back.

Testimonial (Joann).png
I look forward to Relevate & Reiki each month and the opportunity for a new experience each time. For me, it’s been a powerful feeling and has given me renewed energy following the Reiki. I’d highly recommend this class and individual Reiki sessions with Shannon for anyone open to adding energy work to their movement and wellness practice.

Testimonial (Carolyn).png
Relevate + Reiki is like no other class offered in the San Diego fitness community. It’s a true gem that provides the body with both a satisfying burn and nourishing restore. I had no prior experience with Reiki before taking this class and was a bit apprehensive to participate in the practice. I found that Reiki gifted me a deeper sense of calm and grounding during the restorative portion of class. Shannon has an intuitively healing touch and she made the experience feel safe and approachable. I look forward to this special class each month and would wholeheartedly recommend Shannon’s Reiki practice to everyone. She’s a gifted practitioner with a warm and compassionate spirit.